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Coino will be the Internet currency of the future. It enables instant payments to anyone in the world. All transactions are fully confirmed in 50 seconds. Our main goal is to make Coino one of the most popular Cryptocurrencies worldwide.We guarantee a secure and fast transfer with only 25 seconds block time and 2 confirmations. One of the fastest Cryptocurrencies on the market.

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With only 25 seconds block time and 2 confirmations, the transaction speed is incredible, makes us the fastest coin on the market.


Secure transfers and secure download is guaranteed.


Send money to anyone, anywhere at anytime from the internet in matter of seconds.

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PoW algorithm: Scrypt

Block reward: 35 COINO (First 140 Blocks only 1 Coin for instamine)

Block time: 25 seconds

Retarget: 1 Hour

Starting difficulty: 0.00024414

Max supply: 100 million

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